Confirmed bandicoot sighting in Dulwich Hill

Long-nosed bandicootA photograph of a Long-nosed Bandicoot (Perameles Nasuta) has been taken by a Dulwich Hill resident in February (image pictured right).  The confirmed sighting followed investigations late last year when conical diggings typical of bandicoot activity were noticed in the resident's backyard.

This confirmed sighting is one of only a few in a number of years in the Inner West following a spate of unfortunate bandicoot deaths caused by motor vehicles.

The Biodiversity Officer for the GreenWay Sustainability Project, Adam Ward, is working with the resident, National Parks & Wildlife and Marrickville Council on this exciting find. The  Inner West bandicoots are listed as an Endandered Population under the Threatened Species Conservation Act.

An education campaign for nearby residents will be carried out during April to help raise awareness of this endangered population and how to protect them.alt

Local bushcare groups including the Inner West Environment Group have been working for more than 10 years on six bushcare sites in the GreenWay to help provide habitat for the bandicoots in freight rail corridor (now being coverted to light rail) and in nearby parks and reserves.

For more information visit the Threatened Species page in the Biodiversity Section of the GreenWay website.

Image courtesy Dulwich Hill resident 2011


A skater captured his trip along the GreenWay starting from Leichhardt through to Iron Cove then back to Lewisham in Sydney's Inner West. Video created by Bo Yuan and Tim Hans.   GreenWay Map below created by Benjamin Salmon.


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