Terms & Conditions

The GreenWay website has been developed as a positive, interactive, engagement tool for the benefit of the community. We aim to see this site evolve and grow with community input. We do have to make sure this site is a safe, positive engagement platform, and so we ask you to work with us on the following terms and conditions...

The GreenWay site is a resource accessible to any person with an interest in the GreenWay. All users have a right to feel safe and comfortable using this website. The website has a set of content and user standards to produce a dynamic, interactive and usable website. Where the standards or site Terms and Conditions are breached User Registration will be deactivated.

Below are practices considered unacceptable on the GreenWay site, within each of these sections are measures site users can take to minimise or prevent occurrences. Site users should respond in the way or ways they feel comfortable, Moderator responses are also outlined below so Users know actions that may be taken by the administrators in response to their concerns.

People who object to or have concerns about user generated content (including posts) on the site can freely contact the GreenWay team. All information and discussions will be confidential.


Unacceptable Content Practices


The unnecessary escalation of the discussion, often resulting in personal attacks, angry responses and accusations. If you wouldn't say it to your boss or to a person's face – don't say it!


Each community will have its own level of acceptable language which will evolve as part of its identity. Within the general viewing areas of the site (as opposed to closed forums or communities of practice), profanity should be avoided. If you wouldn't say it in the office in front of a boss or department head – don't say it on the site!

Advertising and participation by commercial entities

Everyone is invited to participate on the; the intent for the site is to encourage discussion and the exchange of ideas.

Commercial entities are welcome to participate in discussion. Comments and content that include information and conversation are acceptable, however marketing, advertising or commercial solicitation is not welcome.

The site managers reserve the right to remove any content deemed overly commercial.

Illegal and inappropriate material

Inflammatory, offensive, racist.


Injuring another person's reputation without good reason or justification. Publishing anything that may be considered malicious or damaging.

Disclosure of private, confidential or copyright information or intellectual property

Any content that breaches the Clearinghouse or an outside organisations Copyright or Privacy Policy.

Trolls and flamers

Trolls and flamers are people who provoke or cause disruption by being deliberately inflammatory or controversial. This behaviour is not accepted and the site managers will take immediate action. We encourage robust debate, but offensive behaviour won't be tolerated.

Methods for Addressing Arising Issues

User Response

There are two key ways for a user to report misuse or inappropriate postings on the GreenWay site.

  1. Report the post – click on report post link – the post information will be sent directly to a moderator; or
  2. Contact the GreenWay team directly with your concerns.

Practices such as flaming and trolling are deliberate attempts by the perpetrator to provoke a reaction and this practice should be ignored and reported. This is not an appropriate forum to engage in hostility and being drawn into an argument or a reaction may see both sides breeching the sites Terms and Conditions.

Where a user suspects or identifies a disclosure of private, confidential or copyright information or intellectual property they must contact the GreenWay team immediately. It is often difficult for moderators to ascertain if material is protected and we receive material from people who have agreed to upholding the site Terms and Conditions in good faith.

GreenWay Management Response

The GreenWay team has three key methods for responding to issues arising and action taken will be at the discretion of the site administrators.
1)    Edit, refuse or remove a post or submitted content;
2)    Contact the Registered User directly; and/or
3)    Restrict or remove user access.

The restriction or removal of user access will be at the sole discretion of the GreenWay Sustainability Project team in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and policies of the site. Management of issues may be reviewed by a panel overseeing site operations and their decision on matters arising is final.