The Cooks River to Iron Cove GreenWay is a grass roots initiative.

Local environmental advocates were inspired to develop the GreenWay after seeing what was being achieved elsewhere in Australia and overseas, and the community saw a once in a generation opportunity to develop the corridor as a greenway.

The corridor seemed a natural “fit” due to the long, shallow valley, underused freight rail corridor and local interest in developing regional trails. At a similar time, local residents formed the Inner West Environment Group (IWEG) and started bushcare work at sites along the Hawthorne Canal.

They began a bushcare program at multiple in the corridor whilst promoting the concept to the councils and State Government

The GreenWay concept was further refined and detailed through Steering Committee meetings, community workshops and “think-tank” consultations through 2003 to 2007.

Another community group called Friends of the GreenWay formed to further advocate to Councils and Local Members of Parliament for the realisation of the GreenWay vision. 

The GreenWay has secured the support of Inner West Council and City of Canterbury Bankstown Council and is now an integral component of key local planning strategies. The four Councils adopted the "GreenWay MasterPlan / Coordination Strategy" in 2009.

Significant grant monies have been obtained to further the vision including the NSW Government’s “Metropolitan Greenspace Strategy” and more recently through the Environmental Trust’s Urban Sustainability Program for the GreenWay Sustainability Project. Currently the Councils are funding a  Place Manager for the GreenWay.

The GreenWay continues to be a key partnership between the local Councils, the community and state agencies.