The GreenWay is a shared asset involving many landowners and state agencies, including locals Councils, Railcorp, Sydney Water, the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) and Transport NSW, delivering the Inner West Light Rail Extension and the GreenWay.

The GreenWay passes through the Inner West Council and City of Canterbury Bankstown local government areas and is supported by a strong community influence.

The governance of the GreenWay seeks to ensure coordinated actions and a consistent approach to managing and implementing the GreenWay, as outlined in the GreenWay MasterPlan & Coordination Strategy (2009).

The GreenWay Steering Committee is the peak advisory body for the GreenWay.

Governance Research Partnership

The governance model for the GreenWay was the subject of a three year research partnership with Macquarie University as part of the GreenWay Sustainability Project from 2009 - 2012.

Macquarie University Research Report & Key Findings

Macquarie University completed a three year research project focused on the governance of the GreenWay, a shared asset.  The team from Macquarie University, led by Jenny George from the Graduate School of the Environment, worked with GreenWay Sustainability Project, Council and community representatives to develop a range of governance options that are consistent with the GreenWay's sustainability objectives.

Read the Key Research Findings.

The action research process included collaborative workshops, capacity building, mentoring and reflective practices as well as traditional research methods.

Key recommendations for governance models include a GreenWay Place Manager or an independent GreenWay Association.  These models enable ongoing partnerships and innovation to help realise the community's GreenWay vision for an environmental, community and transport corridor.

The models have been discussed extensively with Councils and the community through a series of workshops and meetings.  The research also included comprehensive consultation with GreenWay stakeholders through interviews and meetings.

The Macquarie University Final Report & Key Findings outlines the research approach, key findings and recommendations for the future governance of the GreenWay.

The project was a key activity of the GreenWay Sustainability Project, funded by the NSW Environmental Trust.