Arts & Community

The GreenWay is all about community.
There are many ways to get involved ...

The GreenWay's protection and restoration began as a grass-roots community initiative. That’s why the GreenWay is all about community, and there are many ways to get involved.

Whether you’re creative, love exercising, going bush or want to help oversee the Greenway – there’s something for you to do.

So get busy by joining a local community group like:

  • BUGS – a local bicycle user group to enjoy guided local bike rides through the GreenWay. The rides are supervised and open for cyclists of all ages and skill levels. For more information visit the GreenWay Trail.
  • Bushcare – to help look after the GreenWay’s native flora and fauna. Bushcare is also on the lookout for people to help with coordinating membership, communication and promotion. Find out more about volunteering for Bushcare.
  • Friends of the GreenWay - to help advocate the GreenWay vision.  Friends also participate as members of the GreenWay Steering Committee.  For more information visit
2018 GreenWay Art Prize call for entries

Now’s your chance to be creative and inspire others in the community! Check out how to enter the 9th annual GreenWay Art Prize. Entries close 15 October, 5pm.
Jody Graham - Drawn from the discarded 2017 GreenWay Art Prize Open Art Prize Winner

Why not drop in to Art Est Art School & Gallery from 28 July to see Jody Graham's latest exhibition Around The Block. Jody won the 2017 GreenWay Open Art…