Bushcare activities in the GreenWay are helping to re-establish the plants that would have grown in the GreenWay prior to the area being cleared for European settlement.

The Bushcare program aims to improve the biodiversity, amenity and habitat value of the GreenWay along the entire length of the GreenWay corridor, linking the natural environments of the Cooks River and Iron Cove.

There are currently nine Bushcare Sites in the GreenWay, managed by local community bushcare groups and supported by local Councils.

Working bees

Monthly bushcare working bees are held on Sunday mornings. No experience is necessary and supervision and tools are provided.

Check out the Events Calendar for details.
Also see the calendar of events for the Cooks River Mudcrabs
and working bees for the (IWEG) Inner West Environment Group

GreenWay Bushcare groups

Visit our Greenway Bushcare groups page for more information.

Creating a flora and fauna corridor

This work is crucial to the conservation of plants and animals in Sydney’s inner west, as the GreenWay corridor provides a vital green link from north to south through this highly urbanised area.

The Revegetation / Bushcare Plan has been developed as part of the GreenWay Sustainability Project in partnership with Council and community stakeholders to confirm bushcare objectives and approach and guide future work in the corridor. 

Committed residents of the GreenWay and members of the Inner West Environment Group have been establishing pockets of new native vegetation in Bushcare sites within the GreenWay since 2000. The Cooks River Mudcrabs are another active group of eco volunteers.  Find out more about becoming a bushcare volunteer and joining a bushcare group.