Weeds are plants that are introduced to an area that flourish in their new environment, often outcompeting native plants. There are many weeds currently growing in the GreenWay. Weeds can be trees, shrubs, or grasses. Due to their invasive nature, and sometimes their effects upon human health, weeds are often unwanted.

Weeds can be extremely useful native animal and bird habitat and food source, especially in urban areas where there are not many other suitable habitats available. If you are clearing weeds from your property, please take it slowly and avoid clearing large areas of weeds at once. Avoid clearing tree and shrub weeds during nesting seasons.

When removing weeds from your garden, avoid removing them all at one. Progress in planned stages. Replace the weeds with native or non-invasive plants. If you find a nest in any weeds in your garden, make sure that the young birds or animals from the nest have grown up and moved on before removing the plant.

Some weeds are a health hazard and need to be removed from your garden.

Two weeds that are often blamed for causing hay fever and allergies in humans are Asthma Weed and Privet.

Noxious weeds

Noxious weeds are plants that have been declared noxious in your local government area due to their invasiveness or effects upon human or animal health. Noxious weeds must be controlled, and many are not allowed to be grown or sold.

For a list of noxious weeds in your local government area go to the Department of Primary Industries website.

Find out more about weeds in Sydney, go to the Sydney Weeds website.