Green Your Backyard

You can help to increase the effective habitat area of the GreenWay for native birds and animals by creating or maintaining a habitat-friendly backyard (or front yard!) by following these simple tips:

  • Download:  GreenWay Species List for a list of plants that are native to the GreenWay and the Cooks River Valley.
  • Plant a selection of native plants that are indigenous to your local area.  You can find some of these plants at Marrickville Community Nursery 
  • Look out for council plant giveaways and habitat havens programs
  • Place your plants close together and include a variety of plant species, heights, shapes and sizes. Aim for at least three layers to your vegetation: (i) trees or large shrubs, (ii) small shrubs, and (iii) grasses/groundcovers.
  • Keep a corner (at least) of your backyard a bit ‘messy’. Leave leave litter, fallen twigs and rocks in place for small reptiles and insects to take cover in.
  • Mulch your garden beds.
  • Install a bird bath (and keep it safe from cats). Keep your bird bath filled up and clean, especially on hot days. 
  • Keep a diary and/or take photos of what birds, animals, reptiles and insects visit your backyard.
  • Consider installing a frog pond (avoid moving frogs from elsewhere to your pond, they will find it!).
  • Avoid feeding wild birds and animals and keep pet’s food inside.
  • Keep cats inside, or install a cat run.

Check out our Biodiversity Links for other great websites about backyard biodiversity.