Water Catchment

Hawthorne Canal

The GreenWay has been developed to include the water catchments of Hawthorne Canal, which enters Sydney Harbour at Iron Cove, and the catchment of the minor drainage line entering the Cooks River near the Wardell Road bridge, as well as the distinct corridor rail and waterway.

The Cooks River and Iron Cove are the two main waterways in region. The Cooks River located in Sydney’s South west, stretches from Yagoona and empties into the ocean at Botany Bay. The entire catchment has been modified from the natural setting since European settlement. Now almost the entire watershed is piped or channelled, shorelines filled in or rebuilt, surfaces hardened through construction of roads and pavement, and open space areas landscaped and planted with exotic species.

Iron Cove is part of the Parramatta River. Two tributaries, Dobroyd Canal (formally Iron Cove Creek) and Hawthorne Canal (formally Long Cove Creek), run into Iron Cove. 

Sustainable Urban Water Management

Increasingly, local Councils are working with the State Government and their local communities to design and deliver sustainable urban water management practices.

The former Marrickville Council lead the way in sustainable urban water management through its partnership with Monash University called Urban Stormwater Integrated Management (USWIM).

Council has developed the following principles for sustainable urban water management.  Guidelines are also available for Council. A series of  Subcatchment Management Plans have been developed by Council in consultation with local residents and key stakeholders.

Principles of Sustainable Urban Water Management

  • Reduce reliance on potable (drinking quality) water brought in from outside the catchment
  • Use water appropriately, i.e. use potable water for consumption only - not for watering the garden or flushing the toilet
  • Reduce the impact of stormwater on waterways
  • Reduce the amount of wastewater leaving a catchment which may cause pollution in other locations, e.g. ocean outfalls

Governance: 5 principles for practice

  • Leadership and commitment
  • Public participation
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Coordinated data access and sharing
  • Project evaluation and learning

Tennyson Street Subcatchment Management Plan

The Tennyson Street Subcatchment Management Plan covers a large section of the GreenWay and includes a vision and action plan for achieving sustainable water management in the subcatchment developed by local residents, stakeholders and Council.  

Cooks River Alliance

The Cooks River Alliance was launched in September 2011 councils in the Cooks River Catchment. The Alliance employs a small but dedicated team with the aim of effectively addressing the complex problems of the Cooks River in the long term, whilst maximizing the efficient use of member councils’ limited resources. For more information on the Cooks River Alliance please visit the website: http://cooksriver.org.au/