Bat flats and possum boxes

29 May, 2018
Bat flats and nesting boxes installed at Richard Murden Reserve (north)

Good news for Inner West wildlife!  New homes have been built for resident micro-bats, possums, small birds and other native wildlife at the northern GreenWay bushcare site next to Lilyfield Road Bridge, in Richard Murden Reserve.

Thanks to a collaboration between Council’s  Urban Forest and Urban Ecology Teams, three dead trees have been kitted-out with a variety of artificial hollows, while some healthy trees have had habitat boxes installed.  

Bat flats were made by the Leichhardt Men’s Shed, located at Blackmore Oval across the canal from the bushcare site, funded by WIRES (Wildlife Information and Rescue Service) and donated to council.

A number of possum boxes were also made as part of a project run by St Vincent’s Primary School, Ashfield.

“The bat flats will hopefully create a safe-haven for Gould’s Wattlebat, and possibly the Southern Myotis and the other habitat boxes are for possums, small marsupials and nesting birds,” Harriet Ampt, Environment Officer in the Inner West Council’s Urban Ecology Planning and Policy Team said.

“We are working with Council’s Urban Forest Team on the development of interpretation signage on the site, including example habitat boxes that passers-by can investigate. The signs should be installed in a few months’ time and will be the beginning of an LGA-wide habitat signage/biodiversity education project.”

Artificial hollows and nesting boxes like these ones at the Northern end of the GreenWay in Haberfield contribute to the creation and restoration of native habitat in the Inner West. This is an integral part of achieving the GreenWay vision to enhance its role as a wildlife corridor. 

Bat flat exterior
Bat flat interior


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