GreenWay Campaign Update

9 January, 2012

GreenWay RallyWhere's our GreenWay?

The light rail has now opened, but the GreenWay shared path is still deferred.

Campaign overview 

The GreenWay community, including local Councils, Friends of the GreenWay and the GreenWay Steering Committee are undertaking a campaign to seek funding for the GreenWay shared pathway.

In September 2011, the State Government announced that it was going to defer the GreenWay shared pathway, which had been approved as part of the scope of works for the light rail project.

The Government has committed to delivering the bush corridor component of the GreenWay, and will assist with protecting existing bushcare sites as well as other vegetation which provides important habitat for a range of flora and fauna.

However, the shared pathway connecting the Cooks River Pathway to the Iron Cove Bay Run with a safe, off-road shared pathway for walking and cycling is a key missing link from the GreenWay vision.  

GreenWay Petition: 10,000 signatures reached!

A petition to save the GreenWay has was handed to local MPs on 15 February 2012 by local Mayors and the Friends of the GreenWay. As a result the GreenWay was debated in parliament on the 31 May 2012.

Friends of the GreenWay

Friends of the GreenWay is a local community group established to advocate for the GreenWay.  The Friends have been very active in undertaking a campaign to save the GreenWay and have worked tirelessly to collect petitions and secure the support of the four partner Councils, and also direct lobbying of the State Government.  Friends of the GreenWay held a successful a ride along the GreenWay on Sunday 26 February 2012. 

For more information or to become a member of Friends of the GreenWay visit their website

GreenWay Rally

altMore than 500 local community members turned out to show their support for the GreenWay at the Save the GreenWay Rally on Saturday 30 October 2011 in Johnson Park, Dulwich Hill.  The rally was organised by Friends of the GreenWay and Marrickville Council.  The Kegworth Public School Band stirred up the crowd with three songs. 

Bernie Hobbs from the ABC’s "New Inventors" show was MC, with speakers including:

  • State MPs Carmel Tebbutt, Jamie Parker and Linda Burney
  • Leichhardt Mayor Rochelle Porteous, Ashfield Mayor Lyall Kennedy and Marrickville Deputy Mayor Sam Iskandar
  • Bicycle NSW president CEO Omar Khalifa
  • Dulwich Hill children Michaelie Trenbath and Luca Agius
  • Jud Agius from the Friends of the GreenWay

Save the GreenWayFriends spokesperson Jud Agius said the rally was a huge success and reinforced the widespread community support for the GreenWay.

“When we hold a rally like this, you never really know how many are going to turn up,” said Mr Agius.

“We were ecstatic about the turnout and believe it shows the depth of community feeling in favour of the GreenWay.

“People of all ages are very keen to see a walking and cycling route along the former goods line and they will not be silenced.  Across the community and across all political sides there is support for the GreenWay – so why not build it now.”

Signing the petition

Stay in touch

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