GreenWay - number one priority says Greater Sydney Commission 

29 May, 2018
GreenWay - the number one priority Green Grid project in Eastern City District Plan

The Greater Sydney Commission has identified the GreenWay as the number one priority Green Grid project in the Eastern City District Plan released on 18 March. The priority status for the GreenWay reflects its location in a densely populated and increasingly urbanised inner city region and the capacity of the GreenWay to support many activities of value to the community ranging from active travel and bushcare to public art and many forms of recreation.

“The Inner West GreenWay has got every single thing you want to have as part of the Green Grid,” Environment Commissioner Rod Simpson said.

The Government Architect NSW has outlined the vision for a Green Grid network throughout the Sydney Metropolitan area.

“Green space is a key hallmark of liveability. We propose a network of high-quality green space that connects town centres, public transport hubs and major residential areas. Known as the Sydney Green Grid, it is an integral part of the Greater Sydney Region and District Plans. The Green Grid promotes sustainable development while maximising quality of life and wellbeing.”

“The Inner West community deserves credit for recognising the potential of the GreenWay as an urban environmental corridor when Sydney was gearing up to host the 2000 Olympic Games” Nick Chapman, Greenway Place Manager said.

“It’s good to see influential agencies like the Greater Sydney Commission and Government Architects NSW now putting their weight behind the GreenWay vision, which we started campaigning for 20 years ago.”

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Pictured below: GreenWay site visit with Rod Simpson, Environment Commissioner, Phil Sarin (former) Director Planning and Environment, Inner West Council Nick Chapman, GreenWay Place Manager. 

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