Jody Graham - 2017 GreenWay Prize winner

25 September, 2018

Winner of the 2017 GreenWay Open Art Prize, Jody Graham, held her solo exhibition at Art Est. Art School & Gallery in August.  ‘Around the Block’ included her winning artwork Drawn from the Discarded, as well as new works made from discarded material, rubbings, marks and text directly sourced from the location surrounding where the artist resides. Creating work from the Inner West area provides a consistent source of material and inspiration for Jody Graham, as she reflects on the true character of the place she calls home.

As well as a two-week solo exhibition, the Winner of the 2018 GreenWay Open Art Prize will receive $4,000 cash. Artworks will be selected based on their artistic merit and relevance to the GreenWay themes of the urban environment, community connections and/or sustainable transport.


Click here to enter.  Don’t delay - entries close on 15 October!

Urban Dweller - Jody Graham
Urban Dweller
Jody Graham - Drawn from the discarded 2
Drawn from the discarded 2




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