A wetland re-born

29 May, 2018
Outlet from basin to Blackmore Oval stormwater channel

A reed-choked basin built by the former RTA to treat stormwater from the City West Link is being transformed into a multi-purpose wetland at the northern end of the GreenWay, next to Blackmore Oval.

“This transformative project has been in the pipeline for years and it’s great to see it finally happening,” Rick Jarvis, Inner West Council’s Manager Parks and Assets said.

“Many cubic metres of sludge and impenetrable reeds are being removed so that the basin can function as a proper water body again, providing much-needed habitat for freshwater insects, birds and water-dwelling animals like the Striped Marsh Frog and Eastern Long Necked Turtle. The existing fencing will be taken down and a boardwalk installed.” 

“There are no large freshwater ponds in the GreenWay corridor which the public can easily get to,” GreenWay Place Manager, Nick Chapman said. “This is a unique opportunity to recreate one at a great location which people can easily access, including school groups who can use it for water bug hunting and water quality testing, as part of the GreenWay Primary Schools Sustainability Program.”
Similar to the popular artificial wetland at Whites Creek, Leichhardt, the new basin will improve stormwater quality in the Canal and provide harvested fresh water for irrigating Blackmore Oval. “This is a great GreenWay sustainability project because it ticks so many boxes. The community’s going to love visiting the wetland and seeing the wildlife living there,” he said.

Outlet from basin to Blackmore Oval stormwater channel
Location of basin next to Blackmore Oval



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