Active Transport Strategy

Thank you to more than 100 people who provided a submission or completed an online survey to provide feedback on the Draft GreenWay Active Transport Strategy / Action Plan during March. The final version of this Strategy and Action Plan is now complete and can be downloaded here.

The Strategy has been prepared to encourage more people to take up healthier transport options such as walking and cycling in the GreenWay.  It sets out a range of short and long-term initiatives that encourage more people to use the GreenWay for walking and cycling and make it attractive and convenient for users of all ages.  GreenWay Hubs are proposed as central places for GreenWay activity.  Read more about the Hub concept.

During the development of the Strategy, the State Government announced its decision to defer the GreenWay shared pathway as part of the Inner West Light Rail Extension.  

The initiatives in this strategy can operate independently of the GreenWay shared pathway.  They seek to enable a broad active transport culture, foster greater community engagement with the environment and increase patronage of the planned light rail extension. 

Public Exhibition Feedback

The draft Strategy was placed on public exhibition during March and sent to key stakeholders and people who had participated in the consultation process.  More then 100 responses were received through the online survey, as well as several detailed submissions.

Generally, feedback was positive and included the following themes:

  • Survey responses were supportive of the strategy and initiatives
  • Respondents felt the initiatives would increase active transport
  • Popular hub locations included Canal Road, Johnson Park and Richard Murden Reserve
  • Popular initiatives included: Improved access to CityRail stops, implementation of Green Safe Streets, Signage / way-finding and the GreenWay Active Travel map and app
  • It was felt that costings needed to be more accurate
  • That the strategy needed to explain how these initiatives would be delivered beyond the grant project/integrated into Council programs
  • Some terminology corrections – Inner West GreenWay and repetition
  • Barriers /crossing of major roads, signage and way-finding – infrastructure issues that are now a problem following deferral of GreenWay shared pathway, best strategy for construction of GreenWay


Check out the Plan

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  2. Find out what the research said
  3. Look at the objectives and strategy streams
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