GreenWay Hubs

GreenWay Hubs are proposed as central places of GreenWay activity.

Three locations will be chosen as Hubs, distributed along the GreenWay’s proposed light rail line. GreenWay Hubs will facilitate and encourage active travel and community engagement at all times by identifiable elements and semi-permanent installations.

Hub Days

Hub Days

Hub event days will occur at regular intervals at one of the locations on a rotating basis.

These regular event days will act as sparks of activity and engagement that generates renewed and sustained interest and excitement around the GreenWay concept.

At the present time the GreenWay shared path has been deferred, therefore the Hubs will act as the place anchors of the GreenWay concept. They will be local places that encourage local interaction, whilst drawing more people to the GreenWay.

Interpretive signage in conjunction with new site elements and installations will play a key role in communicating all facets of the GreenWay.

Possible Hub activities

Solar powered ice cream
  • Local markets – include a mix of artisans, local shops setting up stalls. “Bike boot” or wheel barrow mini-market section
  • Afternoon local delivery of purchased goods by cargo bike; as residents are encouraged to leave the car at home
  • The Watershed Bike Library invited to participate to demonstrate cargo bikes
  • Loan bike program
Awareness Days

Bicycle skills and maintenance training

  • Distribution of the GreenWay Active Travel map
  • Coincide with the monthly GreenWay Awareness Days
  • Car share program promotion
  • Performance events - organised and spontaneous
  • Places for street art, installations and interactive.

Hub site qualities

  • Adjacent to or within a short walking distance to a light rail stop
  • Directly related to the GreenWay corridor
  • High visibility                            
  • Bicycle parking facilities
  • Flexible space                          
  • Ample seating opportunities
  • Ample shade                          
  • Toilet facilities
  • Potential for site works (swale and identity planting scheme)

Possible Hub sites

  • Richard Murden Reserve    
  • Johnson Park
  • Jack Shanahan Park     
  • Canal Road

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