Objectives & Strategies

GreenWay Vision

“To provide a recognisable environmental, cultural and nonmotorised transport corridor linking two of Sydney’s most important waterways”

Active Transport Objectives

The objectives are designed to achieve the GreenWay vision.

  1. More people walking and cycling in the GreenWay catchment
  2. More community engagement with people and place
  3. Support the future light rail and existing public transport
  4. Create better connections between people and places

Desired Future Character Statement

“The GreenWay is a place to look at things differently - with a strong sense of community, identity and ownership. It is a creative, vibrant and fun place for everyone. Spontaneous activities and gatherings are welcomed. It tells the story of Sydney’s past, present and future through the protection of its natural biodiversity and cultural heritage whilst connecting people to where they need to be.”

Strategy Streams

The following strategy streams have been developed to achieve the objectives. Each of the strategies target one or multiple user groups. Initiatives have been developed to implement these strategies.

A connected and accessible GreenWay

  • Clear and legible wayfinding
  • Linking key destinations
  • Easy to get to and navigate through
  • Safe
  • Affordable
  • Welcomes all members of the community – for everyone

Integrating Active and Public Transport

  • Making cycling and walking to public transport convenient and safe
  • Encouraging/allowing bikes on trams
  • Providing secure bike parking and bike facilities

Building on community ownership and relationship to place

  • Creating opportunities for the community to take part in creating and looking after the GreenWay
  • Allowing the community to use the public space
  • Providing spaces for spontaneous events and gatherings
  • Building community owned assets such as biodiversity pockets, community gardens, picnic areas, outdoor performance spaces and events for groups as well as the whole community

Developing an Active Transport culture

  • Creating a positive sensory experience
  • Fun and enjoyable
  • Comfortable and attractive amenities
  • Resting areas
  • Safety (perceived and actual)
  • Shared path behaviour
  • Safe and secure