Light rail extension and the GreenWay

The NSW Government has extended the light rail network from Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill.  Further extensions are also planned for the Sydney CBD. 

The 5.6km light rail extension to the Inner West runs from the current light rail terminus at Lilyfield, along the disused freight rail corridor, to Dulwich Hill. 

Unfortunately, the NSW Goverment announced in September 2011 that the GreenWay shared pathway component of the Project had been deferred.  Councils and the community are continuing to lobby the government to secure a committment to the GreenWay. 

Nine new light rail stops have been built at Leichhardt North, Hawthorne, Marion, Taverners Hill, Lewisham West, Waratah Mills, Arlington, Dulwich Grove and Dulwich Hill Interchange. 


Biodiversity Compensation Plan

Under the conditions for approval of the Sydney Inner West Light Rail extension. TfNSW have to compensate for any land cleared during the construction. Land has to be compensated for at a 1 to 1 ratio and has to be managed 'in perpetuity'. The Councils, GreenWay Steering Committee and the Inner West Environment Group have been negotiating sites for this package with TfNSW and the terms for management. Sadly in perpetuity is now considered 5 years and it is looking as though the compensation sites will not be totally within the rail corridor where the clearing has taken place and may not meet the required ratio of 1 to 1. The GreenWay stakeholders are lobbying hard to get the best possible result for the local biodiversity.



Following the announcement of the light rail, local residents, community group Friends of the GreenWay and local Councils lobbied extensively for the GreenWay, a walking and cycling path in the corridor, along with a number of bushcare sites, to be included in the scope of the project Inner West Light Rail Extension.

On Monday 19 July 2010 the Government announced that the GreenWay would be included in the project, giving Sydney its first environmentally sustainable, integrated transport corridor, which would run from the Cooks River to Iron Cove.  Unfortunately, that decision was deferred by the new State Government in September 2011.