The GreenWay offers a convenient and relaxing place for walkers to get out and about and connect with their local environment and waterways.

Walking is a great way to keep active and healthy, improve well-being and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by walking instead of using cars for short trips.

Using walking as a mode of transport, or even walking to use public transport, is also considered a great benefit for your health and the environment.

When complete, the GreenWay Trail will enable you to walk from the Cooks River to Iron Cove, alongside the light rail and bushcare sites, approximately a 5km stroll.

In the meantime, why not explore the northern section of the GreenWay, from Iron Cove Bay at Haberfield to Cadigal Reserve at Summer Hill. See the GreenWay Trail page for more information.

If you are keen to join a local Walking Group or find out more about the benefits of walking, we recommend the following organisations and websites or download the GreenWay Map.

Walking Information

Heart Foundation Walking

Burwood Walkers

Walk time is Friday at 8.30am, meet at Henley Park, near amenities block.  Walk organiser is Katie on 0424 187 023

Leichhardt Womens' Walkers

Walk time is Monday's at 3pm, meet at Women's Community Health Centre.  Women only.  Walk organiser is Mia on (02) 9560 3011.

May Murray Arabic and Vietnamese Seniors Walking Group

Walk time is Wednesdays at 8am.   Meet at the Herbert Greedy Hall, Jarvey Park,  Walk organiser is Hoa on (02) 9558 0999.