Biodiversity & Revegetation Compensation Package for the light rail extension

28 February, 2013

Many people have commented on the clearing of vegetation in the GreenWay (rail) corridor for platforms and other structures associated with the light rail extension. Although much of this vegetation is not native it still provides valuable habitat for small birds, reptiles, insects and occasionally bandicoots. Under condition B18 of the approval for the Inner West Light Rail extension there needs to be a Revegetation and Light Rail Compensation Package as part of the development.

What does this mean?

Basically an area of land needs to be replanted with native vegetation equivalent to the area cleared by the light rail development.

How will sites be chosen?

Potential bushcare sites are being identified in GreenWay corridor that could be used for bushcare sites. The GreenWay Revegetation and Bushcare Plan is being used to inform this process. The Councils and IWEG are in discussion with TfNSW about potential sites.

What is the area of the sites?

At the moment we understand that an area of approximately 1.1hectares will need to be compensated for although the final figure will not be known until the major construction work for the light rail is completed.

Who will manage the sites?

This is still being negotiated, but we would like the management to reflect the vision for the GreenWay biodiversity corridor.

What about monitoring?

The sites will be monitored by TfNSW for a period of time to be confirmed.

The GreenWay Steering Committee, the Councils and IWEG are following this process carefully to ensure the best possible outcome for the GreenWay Biodiversity Corridor.

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